Abacus promotes PACE in Virginia at the annual Virginia Association of Counties in November 2015 in Homestead, Virginia

In 2014-2015, Abacus Property Solutions worked with the Richmond Regional Energy Alliance and other partners to make PACE a viable financing tool through extensive legislative outreach. Her work to fix the Virginia PACE enabling legislation included: developing draft legislative language, meeting with important stakeholders such as the Virginia Bankers Association and the Virginia Municipal League, testifying to the Virginia Housing Commission, developing the Virginia PACE coalition, raising funds for lobbying efforts, and conducting significant outreach to members of the House and Senate to garner their support during the legislative session. For more information, go to


Over the past three years, Abacus has specialized in PACE financing, both from the origination and underwriting perspective to working with government and non-profit entities to promote and implement PACE programs. In addition to work in Virginia, Abacus was instrumental in establishing a commercial PACE program in south Florida ( and in working with stakeholders in Texas to create the Texas PACE in a Box program guidelines. Abby and her Sales/Marketing coordinator, Janet Riddett, have been working to further PACE adoption in the MidAtlantic region, and are actively engaged in several different forms of engagement and outreach at the regional and national level.



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