Atlantic PACE

Funding energy solutions for commercial and residential property owners

Atlantic PACE – Working to develop PACE throughout the Mid-Atlantic.

Atlantic PACE is an association between Abacus Property Solutions ( and a number of regional and local entities such as the Mid-Atlantic PACE Alliance (MAPA), the Virginia Energy Efficiency Council (, Urban Ingenuity (, and others.  Using extensive market knowledge and regional experience, Atlantic PACE and Abacus are actively working to bring PACE programs to as many jurisdictions as possible throughout the Mid-Atlantic, as well as to generally spread knowledge of PACE and its many benefits.

We are continually looking for new ways to reach out to various stakeholders such as local and state governments, building owners, contractors, and lending institutions to inform them about the benefits of PACE.  Atlantic PACE strongly believe that a grass roots approach is the best way to forward PACE, achieving energy efficient and carbon goals for buildings, growing the energy efficient economy, and increasing cash flow and property values for property owners.

Click here to learn more about Abacus Property Solutions, a commercial real estate advisory firm that develops energy efficiency and clean energy projects.  

Read an introduction to PACE contributed to by Abby Johnson on the Solar Energy Institute of America’s website here.

Key team members:

Abby Johnson

Josh Doyon

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